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Train as a Professional Colour Therapist
Certified and Accredited colour therapy course
Colour Therapy is also known as Chromotherapy and is one of the most natural holistic therapies.

Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to practice Colour Therapy
You will be awarded the professional Luna Holistics Diploma
Become a Registered IPHM Colour Therapist Practitioner

Colour Therapy Training is becoming more and more popular as more therapists gain their colour therapy qualifications, and this is to the benefit of all. As a trained holistic therapist you learn how to detect whatever energy a persons body maybe lacking, even if this is on an emotional or spiritual level and not just on mental or physical.
You can combine colour therapy with may other related healing therapies and it works well combined with such as aromatherapy, crystal healing, energy and reiki healing for example. This complementary colour therapy course can also be used as a stand alone treatment.

Some of the things you will learn on this course after the introduction to colour therapy are:-

Understanding Complimentary and Addictive primary colours
ThePhilosophy and subtle anatomy of colour therapy
The human aura and chakra system
How to see auras and what the colour you see mean
How to use colour and offer advice to enable you to help your clients
Colours and their relevant meanings
Counselling and colour
Using music with colour therapy
Colour in the home and how to use it correctly
Colour for clothing and dress
How to complete a colour therapy treatment
Sample client treatment card included

Approx Study Time 35-45hrs

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Part 1

Lesson 1

Introduction and history of colour therapy
How to take a colour test on yourself

Lesson 2

Science of colour
Visible spectrum
Addictive primary colours
Complimentary colours
Colour hue, saturation, and luminance with examples

Lesson 3

Philosophy of colour therapy
Effects and subtle anatomy
Aura colours and what they are
How to see the aura
How to see the 7 chakras
Chakra colours
Chakra functions
Associated elements and their symbols

Part 2

Lesson 4

Psychology of colour
Art therapy
Colours and their meanings
Colour dislikes
Colour tests
Relationships revealed through colour

Lesson 5

Life song (numerology)
Using music with colour therapy

Lesson 6

Seasonal personalities and colour
Use of colour in dress
Colour of the home

How it can be used in different rooms for best effect

Part 3

Lesson 7

Colour breathing and visualization
Exercise on universal breathing (yoga technique)
Power of the mind

Exercise on using minds with breathing for powerful effect
How the exercise can change the conditions around us

Colour breathing in health and beauty
Exercise on sending a colour to an area you wish you teal
Colour affirmations
Colour and rainbow meditation

Lesson 8

Colour and diet

What the different foods stand for
How different foods help certain conditions
Further details on different foods

Lesson 9

Chromotheraphy (light therapy)
Acupuncture/colour reflexology
Colour related diet
Bach flower remedies
Essential oils
Art and music therapy
Silk scarf treatment
Crystal treatments
Colour breathing

Lesson 10

How to use different colours to treat certain conditions
Colour therapy in practice
Hints and tips for the professional therapist
Sample client treatment card

Learning Review

Following each part you will be provided with a list of questions to help you track and review your learning progress.

There are no requirements to join this course.

When students have successfully passed this advanced level course examination, they are issued with a qualification that is recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

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